Are you seeking durable flooring options in 2024? This guide navigates through seven distinct types of resilient flooring, offering insights into their unique characteristics and suitability for varied spaces. From the affordability of vinyl to the sustainability of cork, each type brings its own benefits to consider. 

Whether you prioritize durability, aesthetics, or environmental impact, understanding these flooring options will aid in making an informed choice. Read on to explore the realm of flooring and learn how to determine the perfect fit for your home or space.

What Is Resilient Flooring?

Resilient flooring refers to a category of durable and flexible floor coverings that can withstand daily wear and tear. It includes materials like vinyl, linoleum, rubber, and cork. Resilient flooring is known for its ability to bounce back from the impact and resist damage, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. This cost-effective flooring option is available in various styles, patterns, and colors, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal for diverse spaces.

Different Types of Resilient Flooring

There are diverse options in resilient flooring catering to various preferences and needs. From the cost-effective versatility of vinyl to the eco-friendly appeal of linoleum, here are the seven flooring types for stylish and durable interiors.

  1. Flexible Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

LVT has gained popularity due to its remarkable design capabilities, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty and texture of wood and stone at a budget-friendly cost. Water-resistant, pet-friendly, and highly durable, LVT offers modular installation, enabling easy replacement of individual tiles or planks without replacing the entire floor.

  1. Rigid Luxury Vinyl Tile (Rigid LVT)

Also known as multilayer flooring, rigid core flooring provides all the benefits of LVT with added features. It offers exceptional underfoot comfort, sound absorption, and warmth. With greater resistance to water, humidity, and temperature variations, rigid LVT is an excellent choice for areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways.

  1. Sheet Vinyl

Today’s sheet vinyl comes in widths of 6′, 12′, or more, allowing for seamless installation with top-down moisture protection. With styles and colors mimicking expensive stone floors¬†and hardwood floors, sheet vinyl combines lasting performance, low maintenance costs, and sound-damping benefits, making it a great choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

  1. Linoleum

Made from natural, rapidly renewable ingredients, linoleum is a durable flooring option composed of linseed oil, limestone, pine resin, cork, wood flour, and dye. Withstanding heavy traffic and maintaining its color over decades, linoleum integrates recycled content and is a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers.

  1. Cork Flooring

Renewable and recyclable, cork flooring is harvested every nine years from cork oak trees, offering a faster renewal rate than hardwood trees. Compressed and formed into sheets bonded with resins, cork provides natural insulation, sound muffling, and energy-efficient properties. While not ideal for wet areas or homes with pets, it is a sustainable flooring option.

  1. Rubber Flooring

Durable, easy to clean, and appropriate for high-traffic environments, rubber flooring is ideal for commercial settings, gyms, and residential spaces. With excellent slip resistance, water resistance, and softness, rubber flooring comes in a vast array of colors and textures, making it a versatile and smart choice.

  1. Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

Commonly used in commercial and institutional applications, VCT is also popular for DIY projects due to its ease of handling and installation. Low-cost and durable, VCT offers a range of color and design options, creating unique and custom effects. Made in the USA with North American limestone, it is a sustainable choice for diverse settings.

How to Choose the Best Resilient Flooring in 2024

Choosing the best resilient flooring in 2024 involves considering factors like durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact. Begin by assessing your distinct needs and preferences. Here’s a guide to enable you to make an informed decision:

  • Assess Room Functionality

Understand the purpose of each space. For high-traffic areas, opt for durable options like vinyl or rubber. Bedrooms may prioritize comfort and aesthetics, influencing your choice between softer materials such as cork or linoleum.

  • Evaluate Durability

Consider the flooring’s resilience to wear, scratches, and stains. Vinyl and rubber are known for durability, while cork and linoleum offer a balance between resilience and a softer feel, depending on your specific needs.

  • Prioritize Aesthetics

Choose resilient flooring that compliments your design preferences. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) convincingly replicates natural materials, offering a stylish and cost-effective alternative to hardwood or stone.

  • Consider Environmental Impact

If eco-friendliness is crucial, explore sustainable options like linoleum or cork made from renewable materials. Ensure the product meets environmental certifications and standards aligned with your values.

  • Assess Maintenance Requirements

Evaluate the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Vinyl and rubber are generally low-maintenance, while cork and linoleum may require specific care. Choose a flooring type that fits your lifestyle and maintenance preferences.

  • Establish a Realistic Budget

Set a budget and explore flooring options within that range. While vinyl and rubber are often cost-effective, luxury options like LVT may offer enhanced aesthetics at a slightly higher cost.

  • Research Climate Compatibility

Consider the climate of your region. Some flooring materials may react differently to temperature and humidity. Ensure the selected flooring is suitable for the specific climate conditions in your area, enhancing its longevity and performance.

Resilient Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Is resilient flooring expensive?

No, this type of flooring is not costly. It often has a lower price compared to non-resilient options, offering durability over time. The reduced upfront expenses and minimal maintenance needs make it a highly economical choice for flooring.

What flooring option is best for homes with pets and why?

For homes with pets, Flexible Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a recommended choice. It is water-resistant and durable and offers easy replacement of individual tiles or planks, making it pet-friendly and low-maintenance.

How do I prioritize sustainability when choosing a flooring option?

For guidance on sustainable flooring options like linoleum or cork, consider consulting the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). They offer valuable insights into eco-friendly building materials and can provide resources and certifications, like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, to help you prioritize sustainability in your flooring choices.

Can I install this type of flooring myself, or is it better to hire a professional?

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is often used in DIY projects due to its ease of handling and installation. It is a cost-effective and durable option, making it suitable for those planning DIY flooring projects. However, for more complex installations, professional help may be advisable.

Why should I consider hiring a professional interior designer for resilient flooring projects?

Hiring a professional interior designer ensures expertise in choosing the right flooring that aligns with your overall design vision. They can provide valuable insights into color coordination, layout optimization, and material selection, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space.


It is clear that resilient flooring offers diverse options, balancing durability and style for varied spaces. With choices like vinyl, cork, and linoleum, each caters to specific needs, whether durability, aesthetics, or eco-friendliness. Assessing room functionality and considering maintenance needs aids in making a wise flooring decision for a durable, cost-effective, and visually appealing home.

If you need professional interior design services for your flooring projects or overall home design, contact us at Orange Moon Interiors. Our expertise ensures the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for your space. Let us guide you through the journey of creating a resilient, stylish floor that complements your vision.