Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly

Fusing Function, Timelessness & Beauty

Kelly Kaiser has designed residential homes for almost two decades. She studied Design and Drafting at the State College of Florida and has worked on hundreds of homes since. Kelly started her design career in soft finishes and decor, then in 2000, moved into Design-Build, working with national and local builders, and architects for the next fifteen years. In 2006 Kelly started Orange Moon Interiors.

Now, Orange Moon Interiors is expanding geographically and creatively. OMI is now reaching further north to assist many clients with their full-time homes, as well as their waterfront properties. “With technology, I am able to be in more than one place at a time. I can video chat with a homeowner’s builder in Florida, while I am on site at a furniture installation or buy in Kentucky or North Carolina, for example”.

Kelly is considered an invaluable design partner. “We fill a need for homeowner’s who are looking to get the most out of their home investment and live in beautiful and functional spaces”. Kelly’s talents include space planning, hand and computer-aided drafting, 3D Visualization, color concepts and “listening, listening” to each client’s different needs.

“My goal is always to bring function and beauty together. I love to apply the function and accessibility of strong commercial design concepts into residential application. I believe a home is to be lived in, not tip-toed around in. When we leave our purses, Wallets, change, clothes and kids’ toys laying around, the interior design should be strong enough to withstand it, and still look fantastic”.