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Are you looking to refresh your living space with some Florida interior decorating ideas that capture the essence of the Sunshine State? Whether you reside in Florida or simply adore its vibrant and varied styles, this guide offers creative and practical decorating solutions tailored to diverse lifestyles and preferences. 

From the breezy charm of Coastal Chic to the lush vibrance of Modern Tropical, each theme is designed to enhance your home with its unique flair. Read on to these top ten interior decorating ideas that promise to transform your space into a personal paradise.

1. Coastal Chic

Coastal chic Florida interior decorating is all about creating a light, airy feel reminiscent of the beach. Utilize soft neutral tones like sandy beige, pale blue, and creamy white. Choose furniture in natural, unfinished woods or weathered gray tones to add a rustic touch. Textiles should be light and breezy—think linen or cotton—complementing the relaxed atmosphere. Decorative accents like sea glass, driftwood, and shells can subtly emphasize the coastal theme, while large windows and sliding glass doors welcome natural light and sea breezes, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.

2. Modern Tropical

Embrace Florida’s lush greenery with a modern tropical style. Begin with a neutral color palette on walls and large furniture pieces, using splashes of vibrant colors in accessories and textiles to bring in the energy of tropical flora. Materials like bamboo, rattan, and teak are perfect for furniture, while large, leafy plants—such as palms and philodendrons—add a touch of nature inside. Incorporate artwork and fabrics featuring tropical motifs to round out the theme.

3. Old Florida Elegance

Channel the charm of old Florida with a blend of vintage and colonial styles. Use antique furniture, tropical prints, and soft pastels to recreate the historic aesthetics. Elements such as lace curtains, vintage maps of Florida, and framed botanical prints enhance the nostalgic feel. Furnishings in dark wood with intricate carvings or spindle legs can add a touch of elegance, while accessories like porcelain vases or antique globes reflect Florida’s history as a melting pot of cultures.

5. Art Deco Glamour

Miami’s iconic Art Deco district provides the perfect inspiration for this glamorous style. Focus on bold geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and high-gloss finishes. Furniture should have streamlined shapes with glossy surfaces, and lighting fixtures can be ornate with metallic finishes. Use mirrors liberally to enhance the sense of space and opulence. Accents in black, gold, or hot pink can make strong style statements, keeping the interior lively and visually interesting.

5. Island Resort

Recreate the feel of a breezy island resort with light, natural materials, and plenty of greenery. Furniture in wicker or rattan with white or light fabric cushions keeps spaces feeling open and airy. Use tropical motifs like pineapples or palm leaves in artwork and textiles to add fun and flair. Ceiling fans in bamboo or dark wood with large, leaf-shaped blades are both functional and stylish. Outdoors-in elements like pebble wash basins or bamboo dividers can enhance the vacation vibe.

6. Minimalist Modern

For a more contemporary approach, minimalist modern decor focuses on simplicity and functionality. Utilize a monochromatic color scheme with pops of color for visual interest. Furniture should have clean lines and be free of unnecessary embellishments. Materials like glass, steel, and polished wood work well in this style. Keep decorations to a minimum—choose a few statement pieces like a modern sculpture or a bold piece of abstract art.

7. Spanish Revival

Reflecting Florida’s historical Spanish influences, this style features wrought iron details, arches, and terracotta elements. Color palettes are warm and inviting, with rich reds, oranges, and yellows. Furniture is often substantial and rustic, with heavy wood and ornate carvings. Flooring in terracotta tiles or dark stained wood adds character and authenticity, while decorative tiles such as backsplashes or accent pieces can incorporate intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

8. Eclectic Collector

Mix and match various styles to make an eclectic aesthetic that reflects personal tastes and travels. Combine modern furniture with vintage finds and ethnic textiles for a unique look. Display collections of art, books, or memorabilia in a curated manner to avoid clutter. Play with textures and patterns, and don’t be afraid to pair unexpected items together for a truly personalized space.

9. Zen Retreat

For a calming retreat, embrace Zen-inspired decor with simple, pure lines and a neutral color palette. Furniture should be low and close to the ground, promoting a connection with the earth. Employ natural materials like wood, stone, and linen, and keep decoration minimalist with a focus on harmony and balance. Elements like a small indoor water feature or sand garden can help create a peaceful, meditative atmosphere.

10.Green Living

With Florida’s focus on the outdoors, integrating indoor-outdoor living spaces is essential. Use large glass doors that open to patios or gardens, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. Items such as reclaimed wood or recycled glass should be sustainable and eco-friendly. Furnish outdoor spaces as you would indoor ones, with comfortable seating, protective shading, and ambient lighting to extend living spaces into the open air.


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Can Florida interior decorating ideas be adapted for seasonal changes?

Yes, Florida interior decorating ideas can easily be adapted for seasonal changes. For summer, light fabrics, brighter colors, and tropical motifs can enhance the airy feel of your home. During cooler months, add warm throws, deeper tones, and richer textures to create a cozy environment. This flexibility allows your decor to be functional and stylish throughout the year.

What are the best Florida interior decorating ideas for a family with young children?

Incorporating family-friendly interior decorating ideas involves choosing durable, easy-to-clean materials. Opt for washable paint, stain-resistant fabrics, and rugged flooring like tile or luxury vinyl. Also, consider rounded furniture corners for safety and storage solutions that encourage kids to help keep spaces organized. Bright, cheerful colors can make the space inviting and fun for children.

What are some effective ways to achieve a minimalist modern style in a small space?

To achieve a minimalist modern style in a small space, focus on functionality and simplicity. Use multi-functional furniture and built-in storage to maximize space. Keep the color scheme monochromatic with strategic pops of color for depth. This approach maintains an uncluttered, open feel, making the area appear larger.

What are the best Florida interior decorating ideas for homes with pets?

When decorating in Florida with pets in mind, choose durable and easy-to-clean materials. Leather or microfiber sofas, ceramic or porcelain tiles, and washable rugs can withstand wear and tear. Additionally, incorporate pet-friendly spaces such as a designated nook with a stylish bed or a custom cabinet for toys and supplies that complement your home’s overall decor.


Incorporating these top Florida interior decorating ideas can transform any home into a vibrant, functional, and stylish space. From the soothing coastal chic to the exuberant modern tropical, there’s a style to suit every taste and lifestyle, ensuring your home not only looks spectacular but also provides comfort and functionality.

If you’re looking to bring these ideas to life, contact us at Orange Moon Interiors for expert advice and personalized interior decorating services tailored to your needs and preferences. Let’s create your dream home together!