It is not to be forgotten that interior designers also create exterior designs and outdoor living designs. Your outdoor space can be an extension of the overall square footage of your home and it is space you can capitalize on in the most beautiful ways. Orange Moon Interiors shines in this piece as they showcase their latest outdoor living design concept, expert outdoor design tips, along with pool and garden inspirations.

Southern-Inspired Design For A Courtyard Pool

We are in the middle of the summer heat. Naturally, pools and outdoor living designs are on top of everyone’s home wish list. Kelly Kaiser-Putnam was enticed by her latest project which involved transforming a small courtyard style pool. The goal was to make best use of the space while bringing in charm. Orange Moon Interiors versatility allows the firm to pitch design concepts inspired by different styles around the country.  Kaiser chose to utilize 3D renderings to help the clients visualize the new outdoor design inspired by southern charm.

Kaiser explains, “the home has a courtyard like pool area. The pool is very small, and we are turning it into a beautiful Charleston inspired garden pool so that it is more inviting and it’s truly an extension of the family room, the kitchen and the opposite guest casita.”

“The garden pool in this particular job that we are doing is such a fantastic solution for this type of layout. Not only is it very southern but it really creates such an inviting space,” says Kaiser.

Renderings by Orange Moon Interiors

The pool angles add interest along with a waterfall feature, and southern light fixtures . For a touch of comfort, “we are adding lots of brick and greenery,” says Kaiser. Kaiser pulled specific aspects from each of her inspiration images to transform the space.

“I was inspired by the cherished memories and time that I’ve spent in Charleston, South Carolina. I want to evoke that here. The lanterns on the walls are even gas lanterns. Charleston is a beautiful old city that has charm around every corner. This pool is a blank canvas that, without changing the footprint of the pool, we can add that charm to completely transform this space. I cannot wait to see the vines grow all over that brick!”

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Brick inspiration courtesy of Schumacher

Rail inspiration courtesy of Pinterest

Cohesive and Thoughtful Design Inside and Out

There is a process when a client comes to Orange Moon Interiors for interior design help. It takes the perfect combination of a wide eye but also an organized, design focused eye. Kaiser explains, “the very first thing that we look at when considering pools, gardens, and landscape design for our clients is the architectural style of the home. Additionally, the outdoor space is an extension of the indoor space and should have a nice flow to it.”

Protect Your Investment With Expert Design Choices

Another part of the design process for Orange Moon Interiors is keeping clients on the right track to create fluid indoor and outdoor living. “I have had clients in the past come to us who were about to put a very modern pool into a more traditional style home,” Kaiser says. “We were able to intercede and protect their investment. A pool or an outdoor space that doesn’t make sense does not protect your investment, or increase the value of your home.”

Is It Safe To Add Charm?

The last piece of expert advice from Kaiser is how to use natural elements to add a little magic to your outdoor space. “If you were living in Florida, and you live in a spec home and you’re just not quite sure what the architectural style is of your home, it’s safe to add charm,” says Kaiser. “You can add charm to your outdoor space by using natural elements of texture, such as brick and stone, a water feature, such as a fountain, pond or garden pool (ask your designer what style) and climbing vines for a beautiful outdoor space. Surround yourself with those elements outside and you won’t go wrong.”



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