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Old Florida style interior design captures the essence of coastal living with its relaxed and breezy vibe. This timeless style combines vintage charm with tropical elements, creating spaces that feel both nostalgic and inviting. Imagine airy rooms filled with natural materials like wicker and rattan, pastel colors that echo the sun-bleached hues of the beach, and tropical prints that bring the lushness of Florida’s landscapes indoors. 

Whether you’re looking to revamp a beach house or infuse your home with a bit of tropical flair, these ideas will help you achieve a serene and stylish retreat. Consulting with an experienced interior designer can bring this vision to life effortlessly.

What Is an Old Florida Style Interior Design?

Old Florida-style interior design is characterized by a relaxed, coastal vibe with a blend of vintage and tropical elements. Key features include natural materials like wicker, rattan, and bamboo furniture, light and airy color palettes with pastel hues, and tropical prints. Interiors often feature open layouts, large windows, and outdoor living spaces to bring the outdoors in. Accessories such as seashells, driftwood, and nautical items add a charming, beachy feel, reflecting the casual, breezy lifestyle of Florida’s coastal regions.

7 Old Florida Style Interior Design Ideas to Consider This 2024

There are several charming and timeless old Florida-style interior design ideas to consider this 2024. These concepts evoke the laid-back, coastal lifestyle and blend vintage and contemporary elements to create a serene and inviting atmosphere.

  1. Tropical Prints

Incorporate bold, tropical prints on fabrics, wallpaper, or artwork to bring the lush, vibrant feel of Florida indoors. Think palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, and exotic birds. These prints can be used in moderation or as statement pieces to create a lively and refreshing ambiance that captures the essence of the tropics.

  1. Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Utilize rattan and wicker furniture for a natural, breezy look. These materials are lightweight yet durable, perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. Chairs, tables, and accessories made from rattan and wicker add texture and a relaxed vibe, making any room feel like a tropical retreat.

  1. Pastel Color Palette

Embrace a pastel color palette with hues like soft pinks, mint greens, and sky blues. These colors reflect the soothing, sun-bleached look of coastal Florida homes. Use pastels on walls, furniture, and décor to create a light, airy, and tranquil environment that exudes warmth and charm.

  1. Vintage Accessories

Add vintage accessories such as seashell collections, old maps, and retro-inspired décor to evoke nostalgia. Items like antique glass bottles, nautical-themed objects, and vintage postcards add character and tell a story, enhancing the cozy, lived-in feel of an Old Florida home.

  1. Whitewashed Wood

Incorporate whitewashed wood in flooring, furniture, or paneling for a rustic yet elegant look. This technique lightens the wood’s appearance, giving it a weathered, coastal feel. Whitewashed wood complements the overall light and airy aesthetic, adding depth and warmth to any space.

  1. Ceiling Fans with Palm Blades

Install ceiling fans with palm leaf blades to combine functionality with tropical style. These fans are not only practical for cooling but also serve as decorative features that enhance the Old Florida ambiance. The palm leaf design adds a touch of exotic charm and a gentle reminder of the outdoors.

  1. Lanai-Inspired Spaces

Create lanai-inspired spaces by integrating indoor and outdoor living areas. Use large windows, sliding doors, and screened porches to blend the two environments seamlessly. Incorporate comfortable seating, lush plants, and soft lighting to make these spaces inviting and perfect for relaxation or entertaining.


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Designed by Orange Moon Interiors

How can I incorporate the old Florida style in a small apartment?

To incorporate old Florida style in a small apartment, focus on light colors and multifunctional furniture. Use pastel hues to make the space feel larger and incorporate rattan or wicker pieces that add a breezy vibe without overwhelming the space. Opt for tropical prints in small accents like throw pillows or wall art.

What types of flooring work best for old Florida-style interiors?

The best flooring options for Old Florida style interiors are light-colored woods, such as whitewashed or bleached oak, that provide a coastal feel. You can also use natural stone or ceramic tiles in sandy tones to enhance the relaxed, beachy vibe.

Can the old Florida style be combined with modern design elements?

Yes, the old Florida style can be seamlessly combined with modern design elements. To achieve this, incorporate clean lines and minimalistic furniture while maintaining the coastal color palette and natural materials. Blend tropical prints with contemporary artwork to create a balanced look.

What kind of lighting fixtures are suitable for the old Florida style?

Lighting fixtures that suit the old Florida style include natural materials like bamboo or rattan pendant lights, as well as ceiling fans with palm leaf blades. Additionally, consider lantern-style fixtures and vintage-inspired lamps to enhance the nostalgic, coastal ambiance.


Old Florida-style interior design effortlessly combines vintage charm and tropical elements to create serene, inviting spaces. By incorporating natural materials, pastel hues, and tropical prints, you can transform any home into a coastal retreat that reflects the relaxed, breezy lifestyle of Florida.Ready to bring Old Florida style into your home? Contact us at Orange Moon Interiors today for expert interior decorating services that will help you achieve your dream coastal haven. Transform your spac