Discover how your appliances can steal the spotlight! Are you eyeing an upgrade or a fresh look for your home? Staying updated on the latest trends in appliances and finishes ensures smart decisions that boost both style and functionality. Explore these top trends now!

We can’t get enough of how the design industry has evolved our sometimes drab finishes. Fan favorite brands like GE and True Manufacturing are debuting stunning selections.

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Image courtesy of True Manufacturing 

Trends from the Cafe Line at GE

GE really got it right when creating their Cafe Line. The Cafe Line was created in part by “a group of influential women we brought together from different backgrounds and niches who have one thing in common: an unapologetic approach to embracing their distinct style.”

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Photography from Carley Page Summers

Seamlessly blend your appliances into your cabinetry for a clean and cohesive look. Integrated appliances, where the appliances are concealed behind matching cabinet panels, create a streamlined and minimalist aesthetic.

Bronze Finishes

The brushed bronze finishes in this kitchen compliment everything from the classic white cabinets, cabinet handles, and gorgeous marbled island. The great thing about hardware is that they can be easily updated and bring a whole new look to the space. Here is another example of brushed bronze in a completely different styled kitchen. Rooted in the center is the Café™ 30″ Smart Slide-In, Front-Control, Gas Double-Oven Range with Convection in Matte White/Brushed Bronze.

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Images from GE

Appliances with a touch of gold add a luxurious and elegant flair to interior decorating. Whether it’s a gold-accented refrigerator, a chic coffee maker, or even a gilded toaster, these golden touches elevate the style and sophistication of any space.

Small Tabletop Appliances Make Big Statements

Small tabletop appliances aren’t just practical—they can also serve as stylish decorations in your kitchen. Whether it’s a sleek espresso machine or a vintage-inspired toaster, these compact gadgets add flair and personality to your countertop while still being functional.

Your counter tops won’t need much more decor than these beautiful pieces. They elevate the look of your space without adding clutter.

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interior designer in florida orange moon interiors

Coffee Maker & Toaster by GE

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The Harden from Crate and Barrel glossy silt green electric kettle is inspired by traditional British homes. This set mixes color with wood and stainless steel to add interest to your counter tops.

The Dark Appeal

Dark-colored appliances bring a sense of modern sophistication and sleek elegance to interior spaces. From charcoal-hued refrigerators to matte black stoves, these bold choices create a striking focal point in any kitchen or living area. Incorporating dark appliances into your interior design adds depth, contrast, and a touch of drama, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

If white breezy kitchens and spaces aren’t your thing, these types of appliances are still for you. They can be worn next to your colorful style and still be a statement making appliance.


True Manufacturing displays deep mohagony wood and black leather bar stools are paired with surprising green and gold appliances.

See a similar piece with this Hallman Single Oven Dual Fuel Italian Range True Convection in Emerald Green and Brass.

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Image from GE

The GE Cafe Line is winning again with their Matte Black appliances.

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True Manufacturing impresses with this deep and bright cobalt blue that is for the bold color lover.

By incorporating these trends into your home, you can create a space that is not only stylish and on-trend but also functional and practical for your everyday needs. Ready to update your appliances and finishes? Contact Orange Moon Interiors for expert design guidance and bring your vision to life.