Elevate your home’s ambiance with captivating arched doorway designs. From rustic wooden charm to contemporary glass elegance, explore a variety of inspirations that seamlessly blend style and functionality. These ten unique ideas promise to transform your interior spaces, adding character, depth, and a touch of sophistication. 

Whether aiming for a cozy rustic feel, a modern and airy aesthetic, or an exotic, vibrant allure, these doorway designs offer versatile options to suit diverse interior preferences. Read on to discover how these creative archway concepts can redefine the look and feel of your living spaces, making a lasting impression.

1. Rustic Wooden Archway

Integrate a rustic wooden archway to infuse warmth and character into your space. Utilize reclaimed or distressed wood to create a weathered, inviting entrance. This design is ideal for farmhouse or cottage-style interiors, offering a charming and cozy transition between rooms. Pair it with earthy tones, vintage décor, and soft lighting to accentuate its rustic allure.

2. Contemporary Glass Arch

Opt for a contemporary and sleek glass archway to introduce a sense of modern elegance. Utilize clear or frosted glass panels within a minimalist metal frame to create a seamless and airy connection between spaces. This design choice is perfect for homes aiming for a sophisticated, open-concept feel, allowing natural light to flow freely and visually expand the area.

3. Moorish-Inspired Archway

Incorporate intricate geometric patterns and  vibrant colors in a Moorish-style arched doorway. Use mosaic tiles or intricate plasterwork to create a mesmerizing visual impact. This design evokes a sense of exotic luxury, adding a stunning focal point that fits well in eclectic or Bohemian interiors, creating an atmosphere of cultural richness and artistic flair.

4. Arched Mirrored Entry

Create a sense of grandeur and spaciousness with an arched doorway adorned entirely with mirrors. This design option not only adds a touch of glamor but also visually enlarges the space by reflecting light and forming an illusion of depth. Ideal for smaller rooms or hallways, this style amplifies the room’s aesthetic appeal while serving a functional purpose.

5. Art Nouveau Archway

Embrace the organic and flowing lines of Art Nouveau by incorporating a nature-inspired doorway. Use graceful, curved designs with floral or vine motifs in the architecture or decorative elements. This style adds a whimsical and romantic touch to interiors, suitable for those seeking an elegant, artistic, and nature-infused ambiance.

6. Arched Open Shelving Entry

Combine practicality with aesthetics by integrating a doorway with open shelving. Construct the arch with built-in shelves for displaying décor, books, or plants, creating an inviting and functional entryway. This design is perfect for mudrooms, home offices, or living areas, offering both storage and a decorative focal point.

7. Moroccan Tile Archway

Enliven your space with the vibrancy of Moroccan-inspired tilework in an arched doorway. Incorporate colorful, hand-painted tiles in intricate patterns to create a captivating and exotic entrance. This design choice adds a burst of energy and visual interest, especially when combined with neutral walls and furnishings, making it perfect for eclectic or globally inspired interiors.

8. Victorian Archway with Stained Glass

Introduce the elegance of the Victorian era by incorporating an arched doorway with stained glass accents. Use ornate woodwork paired with stained glass panels featuring intricate designs or floral motifs. This design adds a touch of timeless sophistication, ideal for traditional or vintage-themed homes, infusing charm and personality into the space.

9. Industrial Brick Arch

Infuse an industrial aesthetic into your interior design by highlighting a doorway framed with exposed brickwork. This design choice brings raw, urban charm to the space, especially in loft-style or warehouse-inspired interiors. The combination of brick and arches adds texture and character, creating a bold statement piece in your home.

10. Zen-inspired Archway with Bamboo Accents

Create a serene and calming ambiance by incorporating a doorway with bamboo accents. Utilize natural bamboo or bamboo-inspired materials to construct the arch, adding a touch of organic beauty and tranquility. This design choice complements minimalist, Zen, or Asian-inspired interiors, fostering a sense of balance and harmony within the space.

Amazing Arched Doorway Ideas FAQs

What do arches do in interior design?  

Arches in interior design serve a dual purpose. They enhance the aesthetic charm, lending sophistication, and character to a space while creating room divisions and emphasizing specific features or decor. Their graceful curves elevate visual appeal, offering a timeless architectural element that seamlessly combines functionality with elegance in home design.

How do you style an arched doorway?  

Styling a doorway can enhance its appeal. Emphasize its elegance by painting the arch in a contrasting color or highlighting its curvature with trim. Use curtains or drapes to frame the arch, adding softness. Incorporate lighting above or along the arch to draw attention. Adorn it with decor like artwork or a statement mirror to accentuate its beauty.

How tall should an arched doorway be? 

The ideal height of an arched doorway correlates with the room’s ceiling height. Ideally, the arch should extend at least five to six inches above the door frame. This proportion enhances visual appeal and ensures a seamless integration within the space. Aligning the arch’s height with or slightly surpassing the door frame contributes to an aesthetically pleasing and proportionate design.

What lighting options work best with arched doorways?

Lighting plays a pivotal part in highlighting the elegance of doorways. Utilizing adjustable track lighting, sconces, or recessed lighting can accentuate the curvature and architectural details. Consulting with the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) professionals can offer guidance on optimal lighting placements to enhance the visual appeal of the doorway design.

What are the key benefits of hiring an interior designer for doorways or archway designs?

Interior designers bring expertise, vision, and a comprehensive understanding of space utilization. They can provide tailored solutions, suggest creative designs, and offer access to exclusive resources, ultimately enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of doorways.


It is undeniable that arched doorways infuse homes with unique charm and functionality. From rustic wooden arches to contemporary glass designs, these ideas cater to diverse tastes, offering elegance and room division. Styling them with contrasting colors, lighting, and decor accentuates their beauty. Professional guidance ensures optimal design, making doorways a timeless addition to any space.

If you need an interior designer to elevate your space, contact us at Orange Moon Interiors. Our expertise transforms homes with creative designs, ensuring a perfect blend of style and functionality.