Step into the realm of multi-purpose rooms, where space-saving solutions and innovative design converge to transform your living experience.

As we settle into the New Year, many of us are in the mood to refresh, explore new ideas, and create. Often the first place we turn to express our new creativity is our home. Whether you have recently purchased a new home or thinking about re-working your current space – we’ve got the best design tips and inspiration for the perfect multi-purpose room.

Benefits of Multi-Purpose Rooms

  • Space Optimization: Multi-purpose rooms allow you to optimize your space by serving multiple functions without the need for separate dedicated rooms.
  • Flexibility: Whether you’re working from home, hosting guests, or enjoying family time, a multi-purpose room can adapt to your changing needs.
  • Efficient Use of Resources: By consolidating functions into one space, you can save on construction costs, energy usage, and maintenance expenses.

More Than A Mudroom

There are so many advantages of having space for a mudroom. A special place set aside for that high traffic area keeps the rest of your home away from the possible mess. We found this beautiful mudroom on Home Bunch. This mudroom is part of a classic colonial home updated with the finest in construction and design. Not only is there endless hidden storage, the room features custom window-seats next to a custom-built desk for the perfect work space.

“This first image captures what I am loving: wallpaper on the ceiling!” says Owner and Lead Designer, Kelly Kaiser-Putnam. “I’ve been dying to do lots of ceiling wallpaper lately ranging from tiny subtle dots and crosses to dramatic prints.”

 multi purpose room design by orange moon interiors

The room is purposeful and elegant with a rich grey paint color that is Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore.

Similar to the lockers above, the tall light brown oak closed lockers seen below have a gorgeous decorative design. Found on Decor Pad, we love the placement of the bench below the window for quickly taking a seat to remove your shoes and belongings.

The room below was not intimidated by it’s narrow space. It still has all of the functionality of the two rooms above with half the space! When designing a multi-functional room, we recommend maximizing every inch like this compact room by Holder Design Associates. From the storage above and below of the coat hangers, cushion seat, cupboards all around the built-in desk, this is a truly a well designed space.

Here is yet another galley style mudroom by Tucker Thomas Interior Design complete with floor-to-ceiling blue shaker cabinets.

Transform The Laundry Room

Another room that can be transformed into a multi-purpose room is the laundry room. Below is a simply stunning multi-purpose room by Mccan Design Group that goes as far as hiding the appliances in the chicest way. There is a seating space that can be used as a folding table or a quick work from home space. Light, bright, clean, and organized is the name of the game here.

2019 © Nickolas Sargent Photography

Exposed appliances but done beautifully by Studio McGee. This laundry has storage, drop space for belongings, folding table, and working desk space all in one.

Here are a few more lay outs we love for smaller spaces:

Norton Commonsky

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

Bardwell Homes

Make Working From Home Work For You

Working from home is the new norm for some of us. We’ve had to carve out nooks and crannies and turn them into offices. The truth is you need very little space to make a productive station for yourself. Take a look at the pretty and quaint work desks below.



Design: Orange Moon Interiors, Construction: Gagne Construction – Featured on Houzz and “Home Office Solutions” by Chris Peterson.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Polygon Homes

Gorgeous lady’s reading room and office by Orange Moon Interiors

If you are inspired by these space saving ideas and looking to create a multi-functional space in your home, contact Orange Moon Interiors for a Design Consultation.