Start 2021 off on the right track by getting your work from home office functional, without sacrificing style.

One of Orange Moon Interiors most popular home offices has been featured in several publications. This compact, sleek, beautiful and functional office has been showcased on “10 ways to make your home a haven” and Chris Peterson’s “Home Office Solutions”.

Orange Moon Interiors Bradenton portfolio image

This office was brought to life in partnership with trusted local construction company Gagne Construction.

Home Office Solutions described the space as “a perfect home office space in an underused pantry off the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to look outside the box- and in any available closet – to find a workspace that might suit you.”

Paint Selection

The article goes on to detail the importance of paint selection. “Lighter and brighter colors are generally more pleasing and conductive to work over the long term; muddy, dark, or washed out hues will tend to drag down the energy level of the space. The finish is almost as important as the color itself. Although you might be tempted to use a gloss or semi-gloss sheen to bounce light around in the space, avoid that temptation on the walls. Those finishes can create hot spots and glare that will be distracting while you work.”

Home office conceal work points out what can be accomplished with conceal work. “If you work from home but your desk is part of a large multipurpose room, be sure to hide your computer at the end of the day to give yourself a mental rest. The same goes for any paperwork you haven’t addressed yet. When it’s quitting time, stow it away so your home switches to being a calming haven instead.”

Mixing patterns

This New York office takes a brave turn. Mixing bold prints properly can be challenging, but since they are in the same neutral color family, the space feels clean, classy and productive.

Gorgeous built-ins

There is no better way to organize your office than with storage and shelving. This stunning southern style office is framed with white built-ins complete with wallpaper backing. Built-ins provide a way to display your books and other meaningful decor while the cabinets below store away your potential clutter.

Whether you are looking to update your home office or create one from the ground up, we hope these design tips inspire a beautiful office setting in your home.