Every home has a story. A story can run through the bones of a historic home, or the land it lies on. A brand new home can represent the desire to pursue a fresh start. The story of this coastal villa is one of a couple and their journey to create a peaceful island oasis of their own, something they had dreamed of for many years. The Orange Moon Interiors team was grateful to be a part of making the dream a reality in this story. The coastal villa that began as a dream and was finished as a promise in memory of the late homeowner will live with the firm forever.

A Seaside Refresh

The villa stands in Bradenton, a stone’s throw away from the Gulf of Mexico. Though they were inland, the homeowners wished for a seaside inspired bungalow perfect for two. Kelly Kaiser-Putnam of Orange Moon Interiors stepped in as lead Interior Designer for the loving pair. Kaiser could tell how important this re-vamp was to the wife and she was delighted to utilize her coastal design know-how to totally re-vamp the space. “The homeowners purchased this villa in a great location, but it desperately needed help. It had strange lighting and dark colors. They wanted light, bright, happy and comfortable.” says Kaiser.

“They also wanted a total re-vamp without major renovation, focused on drywall, lighting and paint. We installed, moved and eliminated all sorts of lighting and every room got fresh paint with a new soothing coastal color palette. We fixed all dry wall issues. New window treatments and all new furniture, rugs and décor – complete whole house decorating.”

Calling On An Angel

In the midst of designing the coastal villa, the wife fell ill. She spent many long days in the hospital. Though the work in the villa had been put on hold, the dream carried on. Kaiser would consistently send her inspirational quotes and pictures to remind the her of the sea in attempts to keep her spirits high.  “The project was on hold but she was heavy on my mind.” says Kaiser. “I saw a quote that said ‘The cure for anything is saltwater. Sweat, tears, or The Sea.” “I don’t normally text clients but this was an exception. So I sent it to her and she responded right away because she had her phone there with her. Then I started sending her beautiful images of ocean water, sunlight, and other inspirational quotes. When her husband told me how much she enjoyed receiving them every day, I knew I was doing the right thing for my client at the time.”

Sadly, she passed away. The husband called Kaiser and said that she had told him that she wanted him to finish their Florida dream. The passion and attention to detail that Kaiser put into the project proved that interior design is much more than a job. “I used to think, in the beginning of my career that what I did really didn’t matter in the big scheme of things. Since then, I’ve come to realize that it does matter. Beauty, quality, timelessness, and legacy matters.”

A Place For Him

Equally as important was a special spot for the husband. A coastal yet masculine den was created by Kaiser. The room was upgraded with new lighting, wallpaper, and a wall art collage customized by Kaiser. Two custom leather recliners make a beautiful addition to the style and comfort of the den.

There are reminders of the lady in the house in every room of the coastal villa. Above all, Kaiser believes it brings the husband a bit of peace knowing he kept his promise and made a sanctuary for their family to go on.

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