In a world filled with ever-changing trends, traditional interior design remains timeless. With its allure of history, textures, provenance, and classic patterns, the design firm has zealously taken on two classically driven projects. Both homes are different in size and location, but rooted in the same wish. The homeowners desire a comfortable home to make memories in, fine but approachable, elegant but livable for even the most rambunctious of them all – the grandchildren!

Addressing The Design Challenges Of Florida Homes

Orange Moon Interiors is often paired with “vanilla” homes in new construction and renovations. Above all, the design challenge remains to bring a sense of function and personality to blank spaces.
“The design journey always begins with the architecture of the home. However, both of these homes are blank architectural canvases. We need to bring in a sense of haven for the family to gather,” says Kaiser. “We are bringing Carolinian charm to Florida. Homes with soul and story.”
Taking design strides to bring in architectural detail, Kaiser leans into what can really reconstruct the look of the home.
“We are going to give the home more soul. Texture is really the biggest challenge turning these homes into something special. We do this through stained woods, ceiling details, the right windows, the right doorways, doors, kitchen hardware, vent hoods, fountains, landscaping and beautiful outdoor spaces with character.”

British Colonial Interior Design: A Spin On Traditional Interior Design

  British Colonial design is described as a blend of classic British elegance and exotic charm. The foundation of the aesthetic can consist of dark wood furniture, natural fibers, and neutral tones. Always layer in décor items and fabrics with botanical pops of palm leaves, ferns, and tropical flowers. Another unique aspect of British Colonial design is the addition of historic and cultural items inspired by travels.   “These families are well-traveled and like to see cohesiveness with contrast in their color schemes,” says Kaiser. “British Colonial style is perfect for the well-traveled clients who desire a traditional and coastal home. They have lots of children and grandchildren and look for a sense of permanency, legacy, and a place to create wonderful memories,” says Kaiser. Take a visual tour of the design concepts for Orange Moon Interiors British Colonial Inspired Cottage:

British Colonial Interior Design For A Florida Estate

Orange Moon Interiors’ second British Colonial Styled home is no small feat. Designing the interior of this home requires careful consideration of interior finishes, luxurious materials, and a balance between antique and reproduction.
With deep blues and warm golds, the home will evoke a sense of traditional elegance.


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