A mother’s love knows no end. The amount of love and affection we give our children is a reflection of just how much we care. Similarly, we extend this attention to our surroundings, ensuring our homes are both functional and beautifully designed. Drawing inspiration from personal touches and interior design tips, we create spaces that nurture and reflect our unique styles and needs.

Designing a space that is both functional and comforting for mothers, especially soon-to-be moms, requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some interior design tips tailored for mothers or soon-to-be moms:

Creative And Stylish Interior Design Tips For The Mom To Be

Interior design tips

Image courtesy of Anewalldecor

Becoming a mother can be one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life – and decorating the nursery  is part of the fun! Many Moms are getting creative with things like an accent wall with wall paper, millwork, and wall murals. This wall mural is by Anewalldecor. The water colored look is the perfect way to add subtle and sweet personality.

Interior Design Tips For The Empty Nesting Mom : Settle In Your New Space

Your job of being a Mother never ends, but the days of having your schedule revolving around your little ones are over. You might use this opportunity to pick up a new hobby or explore your passions. And since your kids are all moved out, you may find yourself with extra space in your home. Make use of your new space whichever way you please – a sitting room, a space just for you, your passion room – the options are endless!

interior designer in sarasota Orange Moon Interiors

Image courtesy of At Home In Arkansas, Photography by Rett Peek

Perhaps part of your new space is in need of a renovation. If you have been saying how much you want to replace the vanity or the tile in your old bathroom, or revamp your kitchen, now is the perfect time to take on your running list of home projects. Below is an example of how using an interior designer during your renovation can elevate the most simple spaces. Interior design by Orange Moon Interiors. See more of this project here.

interior designer in florida orange moon interiorsinterior designer in florida orange moon interiors

A Multi-Functional Space For The Ultimate Multi-Taskers : Single Moms

interior designer in florida orange moon interiors

Image courtesy of Barn Owl Primitives

Brave, courageous, protective, loving – just a few words that can describe a single Mom. Single Moms often have to pull double duty, and that goes for your living space as well. The room above encourages a childs creativity while still looking practical and functional.

interior designer in florida orange moon interiors

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

Pottery barn created this amazing customizable storage solution. You can choose the components you need for your child’s play, sleep, and study zones. The collection is clean and organized and can easily grow with your child through all of their milestones. Place against the wall and finish the room with a rug, ottoman, and a sofa that doubles as a bed.

Interior Design Tips For The Loving Grandmother : Completing Life’s Circle Of Love

interior designer in florida orange moon interiors

Image courtesy of Casa Vogue

We all know how fun it is to go to Grandma’s house. What makes it so special? It’s everything between the extra treats, getting away with staying up late, learning new recipes, and exploring Grandma’s house with all of her antiques and heirlooms. Take a look at this adorably crafted bed that looks as though it has been passed down through the generations.

interior designer in florida orange moon interiors

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Another vintage inspired room that once was a guest room has been turned into a playroom that is perfect for a cousin sleepover. The color scheme is playful for young kids but can be easily changed as the kids grow older while keeping everything else the same – the beds, rugs, storage, and wallpaper.


How do I create a family-friendly living room that’s both practical and stylish?

Choose durable, stain-resistant fabrics for upholstery and consider furniture arrangements that facilitate conversation and activities. Incorporate storage solutions for toys and games, and ensure the space is comfortable for both adults and children.

How can I create a stylish and functional play area for my kids?

Opt for furniture with hidden storage to keep toys organized and the space clutter-free. Use durable materials and fabrics that are easy to clean, and consider designating zones for different activities.

How can hiring an interior designer like Orange Moon Interiors benefit me?

Interior designers bring expertise in space planning, color coordination, and sourcing quality materials. They can offer personalized design solutions tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, helping you achieve a cohesive and functional home that reflects your style.

Are you a Mom in transition or know a fellow Mom looking for a room renovation or make over? Contact us for an interior design consultation today. Visit our contact page and fill out our submission form.